Looking for children’s birthday party or sports team event ideas? Look no further! Low impact paintball is fantastic for youngsters. Our low velocity, single shot, pump action paintball guns pack less of a punch without compromising on fun and adventure. Played over all of the same award winning game zones as our adult paintball, the kids will be having the time of their lives as they dart in and around obstacles trying to achieve their objectives.

Safety is paramount at Paintball Challenge and that’s why we provide the children with camouflage overalls and body armour as well as full face and head protection. They will also receive a safety talk prior to the event by one of our fully trained, friendly marshals so you really don’t have anything to worry about! And don’t let the kids have all the fun… adults are more then welcome to join the party too! Minimum age 8 years.

What do we provide?

We provide everyone with everything they need to fully enjoy and safely participate in their paintball experience…

Covid-19 Safety

We’ve thought long and hard about what we can do to best protect our staff and customers during the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve introduced a whole range of new procedures and features including shortened session times, 20 player per session capacity, intense new cleaning regimes, hand sanitising stations and much, much more. This gives us plenty of time to thoroughly clean all equipment before and after each use. Paintball is a non-contact, outdoor sport and therefore carries low risk of transmission… coupled with the new procedures we have implemented on site, as well as social distancing, we have made your visit as safe as it can be! So get booked in now for some fresh air and action-packed adventure with us at Paintball Challenge! 

Prices & Info

Gotcha low impact paintball lasts approximately 2 hours, including a short break mid-session. Session times are 10am-12pm OR 2pm-4pm. All sessions are private (no other groups will join yours). Players get to experience a variety of games such as attack and defend, capture the flag and team death match. We have a large, outdoor undercover seating area with tables and chairs so feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks. Light refreshments also available to purchase on site. A £5 deposit per person is required to secure places, contact us to check availability. Please note, we require a minimum of 8 people for this activity!


Gotcha low impact paintball is specifically designed for kids so there’s really not much power coming from the guns. If we had to describe the feeling of being shot, we’d say it’s like a nettle sting that goes away really quickly. If you’re still unsure, watch the “JT SplatMaster Paintball For Kids” video above (these guns are a different brand to Gotcha but they fire with the same speed and power) and they’ll tell you how little it hurts! Of course, safety is paramount and all of our equipment is regularly checked and up-to-date with requirements.

We sell cold snacks (e.g. crisps & chocolate bars) and hot/cold drinks in the reception area. For an extra £2pp we can serve hot dogs (vegetarian options available on request) and squash in the 20-30 minute break but this must be requested upon booking.

You’re welcome to bring any food and drinks along with you on the day!

Yes, for this activity we require a minimum of 8 people. This is because we run private groups rather than joining lots of groups together!

Rain, shine or snow… we’re always open! Only in extremely bad weather conditions would we consider cancelling your session. If this happens you will be notified and either issued a full refund of your deposit or given the option to reschedule. If we have not notified you of cancellation then you should assume your session is going ahead. If you’re ever unsure, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Sensible clothing and footwear is advised. We operate in a woodland environment, so bear that in mind… don’t show up in flip flops! We also advise removing jewellery and piercings before playing.

Yes we certainly do! However there is a minimum spend of £5 for cards.

We also accept contactless payments up to £30.

No they don’t, but obviously we recommend that parental permission is obtained for each child! Upon arrival at the paintball site the organiser (or an accompanying adult) can sign the waiver form on behalf of all children. 

We only require one adult to remain on site for the duration. Most of the time the organiser will stick around and other parents will nip off and return for their child when the activity is over. But if you want to stay you are of course more then welcome! We have a large, outdoor, undercover seating area at your disposal.