walk ons


Our Walk On events are suitable for amateurs and professionals alike. To participate you will need your own paintball marker, hopper/loader, air system and protective clothing although some of these items can be hired from us at additional cost (contact us for further info).

Our woodland paintball site contains award winning game zones which have been designed to challenge your skills whilst providing ultimate entertainment! As well as the woodland game zones, we also have a training size Sup’Air field for you to test your tournament skills on. We try and put the Sup’Air field up at all Spring, Summer & Autumn Walk On dates. Visit our Facebook page for details of upcoming Sup’Air events!

If you would like to organise a private Walk On or team training session you will need a minimum of 8 players, simply contact us to check availability.

2020 Walk On Dates

  • January Cancelled
  • Sunday 16th February
  • Sunday 15th March
  • Sunday 26th April
  • Sunday 17th May
  • Sunday 21st June
  • Sunday 23rd August
  • Sunday 20th September
  • Sunday 18th October
  • Sunday 15th November
  • Sunday 20th December

Prices & Info

Let us know you’re coming… Get discount when you pre-book a place at any of our Walk On events! Simply get in touch and pay a £5 deposit at least 3 days prior to the event date to benefit from the reduced prices displayed below…

First game starts at 10am, gates open at 9am and the event finishes at approx 4pm. If you need to rent any equipment get in touch with us before the day. You can use your own paint or purchase paint from us on site. After paying initial entry we charge just £25 per box of paint! Light refreshments are available on site.


Site rules

It is important that you abide by the site rules listed below, failure to do so may lead to you being removed from the site and future Walk On events. As a Walk On you are responsible for ensuring your paintball marker is set up within the guidelines listed below and that you air tank is in standard. You are also responsible should any injury occur to yourself or another person as a result of your paintball marker.

  • Maximum velocity = 280FPS
  • Maximum rate of fire = 10.5BPS
  • Semi-automatic firing mode only